And thus it begins…

My insides are churning just typing this sentence.

I’ve been writing since the day that my mom bought me my first trippy looking Lisa Frank diary with dancing bears wearing glittery tutus. While those epics were pretty entertaining, I’d like to think I’ve grown a little since then. And I firmly believe that my big awesome redeeming God can use the words of this broken vessel to encourage and affirm others.

I’m a Christian, in ministry for 10+ years in one facet or another, a wife for almost 5 years, a mama for a little over 2 years, a full-time employee and a book worm. I’m also neurotic, anxious, control freaky, etc…I’m just a pile of weird that God’s sculpting into something. I just don’t know quite what yet. 🙂  And I think know He’s going to use my life to encourage others.

Out of that, No Lone Rangers was born. It took me roughly 2.5 seconds of pregnancy before I realized that women are bullies. This whole “mommy wars” thing is legit, and it’s happening all around us ALL. THE. TIME. Women are judging, criticizing and condemning their peers relentlessly, but the Bible calls us to so much more.

Ladies, we were created for community. No Christian, no woman, no wife, no mom, should have to go it alone. So let’s press on together.

I am eclectic, therefore this blog shall also be eclectic. But I pray that you find something here to lift you up, not tear you down, and that by my transparency, God will turn my mess into my message.