Minnie’s Bowtique 2nd Birthday

Several of you have mentioned that you’d like to know more about my party planning tips and tricks. It’s true that I’m crazy and love to throw giant ridiculous birthday parties for my little chick, but I do it on a shoestring budget and enlist some great friends and family in making it happen!


For her second birthday, we threw Little Lady A the most fun Minnie Mouse party I could dream up, complete with a Bowtique for our guests to shop from. Here’s some of the details:

My vision for the party was hot pink and black, with lots of white polka dots. I was able to find balloons at Hobby Lobby and Walmart, paper plates and cups at Walmart and Dollar General, and napkins and utensils at Walmart. I’m a stickler for reusing, so I repurposed my glass serving pieces from her first birthday (which I will post about soon). The table cloths all came from Walmart and were wiped down and stored away after the party to use again.



Excuse the poor quality picture ūüôā

Decorating on a budget can be a challenge, but that’s why a birthday party that can have a color as the theme can be so useful! I made some tissue paper bows (modified from a simple tissue paper puff ball) to hang with our balloons and purchased a few Minnie themed items from Amazon. They were both super cheap (Walmart has them, too, for less than $10 each) and totally worth it. The kid’s LOVED having their picture taken with the backdrop, and the pictures doubled as a favor.

TIP: Don’t buy or make a lot of decorations until you’ve thoroughly taken a look at your space. Plot out in your mind what you could put in which place so you don’t make or buy more than you need, and so you know dimensions. I suggest taking photos of the pre-decorated space if possible.

For my centerpieces I used mason jars (which had been in our basement since before we moved in, and thus were free!) to create polka dotted vases. Inside each one I stuck a few stems of flowers (all from the Dollar Tree) and a Mickey Mouse Styrofoam head on a skewer. SUPER simple to make, and were the piece that set the whole room off. The jars were a pain, so I won’t go into detail explaining how I did them, but you can read the tutorial HERE.


You will need: Wooden skewers or small dowel rods, tooth picks,¬†Styrofoam balls¬†in two sizes (1 for head, 1 for ears…I recommend 3″ and 2″),¬†black paint, pink paint (optional), foam¬†brush,¬†hot glue gun and glue sticks.

First, if you would like to have color on your skewers, paint them pink! You could also easily do yellow and red for a Mickey themed party.

Now, take all of your Styrofoam balls and begin dabbing them with black paint. They take quite a bit of paint to cover completely. You can easily allow them to dry by sticking them with a toothpick and inserting the toothpick into a sheet of Styrofoam, if you happen to have one handy.

Next, snap your toothpicks in half. You will need two for every centerpiece. These won’t be visible, so they don’t need to be painted. Place a dot of hot glue on the blunt end of the toothpick (where it was broken), and insert it into the smaller Styrofoam balls. Then, insert the sharp end into the large ball. Repeat to create the ear on the other side. Then, dot the pointed end of the skewer with hot glue and quickly insert in the bottom of the large ball. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!

I also did some terra cotta pot menu card holders. This was a breeze and took me less than an hour to complete. I had some extra Styrofoam balls left, so I added a painted black ball to each pot. I created menu cards, taped them to toothpicks, and inserted them into the ball.

There’s absolutely no reason to go overboard on food for a kid’s party, as most kids are terribly picky! Lady A’s party was at 2pm, so we offered Hot Diggity Dogs, Bowtie Pasta Mac and Cheese, Tootie Fruity Salad, chips, popcorn and lots of sweets. I just ordered cupcakes from Sam’s Club and printed Minnie cupcake toppers to go in each one, then dipped some Minnie Oreo cookies. I used the mini oreos that come in the ziploc pouch, twisting them in half and scraping out the insides first, as the ears. I stuck one half of the mini oreo at the top of each double stuffed oreo and then dipped the bottom in hot pink melting chocolate. After they dried on wax paper I filled a ziploc with melted white chocolate, cut a small hole in the tip and used it to pipe tiny dots all over the oreos! It was by far the thing I received the most comments on!!

I provided Minnie Mouse coloring sheets and crayons, a puzzle station, a corn hole set, balloons, a pin-the-bow game and the photo op. Some of the guests had their picture taken a dozen times as they posed with the stuffed animals and feather boas!

This was the best. My mom, my niece and I set up a little assembly line one evening and made these adorable mouse ear headbands. My sweet friend, Brittani, created¬†a slew of handmade hairbows for our Bowtique! She also did some awesome bowties for the boys to choose from! (You can visit her Facebook page and look at her awesome stuff HERE!) I threw in some Minnie crayon packets, ring pops and candy bracelets, all from the Dollar Tree. I stickered hot pink treat bags (Dollar Tree, again) with white yard sale stickers to create polka dots. Each guest went “shopping” at the Bowtique as they left!

TIP: Save money and buy items that can be painted over or used in a different way for your next party theme! Glass vases and apothecary jars are a great way to display food, candy, favors or decorations!


That’s the long and short of it! Awesome party with lots of fun for all the kiddos! I’m already working on next year’s event. [I know–you’re rolling your eyes…that’s OK…I would be, too, if it wasn’t me! haha]



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