Little A’s First Sin

Well, it’s happened.

The other night at my parents house I watched my Little Lady A (age 2) sin her first real, intentional sin. [insert gasps of shock and horror]

We were all in the living room talking when A noticed that there was an apple on my mom’s table and picked it up. She asked for it, but it was time for dinner, so I told her that if she ate her dinner she could have the apple as dessert. There wasn’t a tantrum (unusual, given her red-headed, easily provoked temper), or even any sass. But, then I noticed what she was doing with the apple. My sweet little toddler was doubled at the waist, holding the apple to her belly, sneaking as carefully and quietly as she could down the hall. While her back was turned my parents and I absolutely lost it–it was just too funny. Then, when I saw her raise her little arms to take a bite, I said, “Where did that apple go?” She jumped and whipped around as quick as she could and held it out saying, “Right here!” 

I’ve seen her disobey a lot, mostly in the form of temper tantrums when she’s been told no. But those are usually situations in which she doesn’t understand why it has to be that way, or doesn’t know how to process and release her emotions any other way. This time was different. She was deliberately trying to trick me!

And it was so laughable because she couldn’t have been any more obvious about it if she tried, love her heart.

How often do we sneak and hide and try to cover up our own sin, all the while thinking we are so clever? I know for me it’s more often than I care to admit. One of the sins I struggle with the most is anger. Sometimes it’s just in the form of impatience…easily rolling my eyes at a co-worker, friend or family member when they are pushing my buttons. Snapping at the hubby when he’s annoying me. Raising my voice at A when she’s been told to do, or not to do, something about a trillion times with no result. Sometimes it’s a great deal more lethal than that. Harsh criticism, backbiting, gossip, tearing down others, lashing out first before someone else can strike. I wish I could say that those sins just disappeared the day Jesus came into my heart, but that would be a complete and utter lie. And it seems I try to come up with excuses for them, pretend it didn’t happen, disguise criticism of others as a “prayer request.” He’s not fooled, ladies. 

God knows our sins and our strongholds, no matter how trivial we like to tell ourselves they are. And girls, I think He often looks at us and thinks, “Bless her heart…she really thinks I don’t see that.” 

At the end of the day, whether we are 2 or 82, we are all just children to our Abba Father, who longs for us to give those sins up to Him. To stop sneaking, hiding, pretending we aren’t doing it/thinking it/feeling it. Is there something you’ve been trying to sneak past God?


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